The Art of Daniel Hannih

About Daniel Hannih

I was born Daniel Johannes Albert Mitteregger and started using the name Daniel Hannih as an almost pathetic attempt to stay anonymous in my early days of the internet. One of my oldest memories, is me sitting in my grandparent's kitchen, drawing weird looking creatures and creating stories for them in my head. As far as I remember, I was always drawn to dark and melancholic stuff. Maybe because I watched too many horror movies as a kid. And as I was always sketching things, I applied at an art school. But they didn't want me. Then I applied to another school with one class focusing on creative stuff, but they also decided that I don’t fit.

So I went to a photography school, but I didn’t like it and dropped out, withdrawn all my savings I was supposed to use for my driving license and bought my first, shiny laptop. And I never regretted all those decisions. Decisions that seemed pretty bad at the time. But it all worked out at the end. Now I’m the creative director at a fantastic company, running exciting side projects and be able to follow up with my passion for painting.

Never stop creating.

© Daniel Hannih